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All our sneakers are authentic, new, unworn, and come complete with the original box, including box lid and box label, and original accessories (where applicable), as would be acceptable for sale at a retail location. The industry often refers to this as “Deadstock”.

At Box Sneakers, we conduct quality control on every sneaker (including box and accessories), before, during and after the authentication process against a set of rigorous quality standards.

Where sneakers do not pass our quality control criteria, while they may still be authentic and exclusive, they will not be listed on our site.

 We set our quality tolerances as follows:


Primary Criteria: Must be unworn and never fitted, i.e., never been tried on as evidenced by the shoe logo on the top of the in-sole being 100% present and no evidence of creasing, specifically across the toe and the lower and upper heel.

Acceptable: It may have some minor manufacturing imperfections or flaws, such as evidence of glue surplus or may show some signs of ageing and/or depending on the year of the release.

Not Acceptable: Scuffs or scratches that when brushed or wiped are still visible.


Primary Criteria: Sneakers must come in the original box, with box lid, box label and packaging

Acceptable: It may have some scratches and dents (typical of shipping damage) and/or discolouration from storage or ageing. Tears in the corner of the box lid. Packaging often found wrapped around individual sneakers may be ripped or torn.                                                                  

Not Acceptable: Significant tears or rips that structurally impact the box (but not the box lid).


Primary Criteria: All original accessories including spare laces (if applicable) must be present and in original packaging.

Acceptable: Plastic bag (containing spare laces) disconnected from the sneaker as a result of being disconnected from small cable tie used. Where sneaker has been laced up for display/photography purposes only.                              

Not Acceptable: Any missing item.